Current State

Users are required to manually open untrusted files through a right-click dialog each time they want to access them in a Disposable Virtual Machine. This not only places a high amount of responsibility on the user, it also poses a security risk if they accidentally open the file locally, calling for a shutdown of the Virtual Machine in order to eliminate any potential damage caused by the file's execution.

The Proposal

In this proposal a more convenient and less error-prone method of opening untrusted files is presented. By allowing the user to mark a folder, file or file type as untrusted, the need for a user to constantly keep themselves in check is eliminated, and unnecessary actions that must be frequently repeated during the course of working with sensitive or semi-trusted data are discarded.

These features and implementations are discussed in detail along with possible future developments should there be excess time towards the end of the event. The proposal concludes with a complete timeline as well as a description of myself, my community experience and various methods of keeping in contact.



Andrew Morgan


  • Marmarek