Living systematic reviews have been proposed as a new approach to deal with the main problem of traditional systematic reviews. Systematic reviews can rapidly become out of date and updating is often delayed by the publication model.

metawRite package have the objective to rapid updating of systematic reviews as new research becomes available, while also ensuring a transparent process and reproducible review.

Three main tasks are needed to have an effective living systematic review; the ability to produce dynamic reports, availability online with an interface that enables end users to understand the data and the ability to efficiently update the review(and any meta-analysis) with new research seamless. metawRite will cover these three task integrated in a friendly web based environment for the final user.

One of the main functions of this package will display a modern web-based application for update a living systematic review. To do that I plan to combine three powerfull R packages, shiny, knitr and ggplot2 .


Natalia da Silva


  • Annette O'Connor
  • Heike Hofmann