My meteorological station is a project that consists of building a homemade meteorological station using physical web beacon and raspberry pi.

The raspberry pi will have connected many weather sensors to get data. Likewise, will receive weather data from various external API in order to complete all weather information.

The beacon broadcast the URL with information about the meteorological station provided by raspberry pi. The beacon will have a fixed URL that will point to another, using the technique URL redirection.

As we have access to Google Liquid Galaxy technology in our LAB, also I will develop a visualization layer of this meteo information on the LG.

In other way to access the system, the user will communicate with the system by voice using a google assistant, allowing to have a conversational ui in natural language. The assistant agent will serve a request, receiving data from the raspberry pi using a webhook. This webhook will receive the data from the raspberry and return to the user the proper information.

The actual tests will be carried out in buildings of the PCITAL (Parc Cientific i Tecnologic Agroalimentari de Lleida), like Cedico, H2, and Magical Media.



Gerard Farré Gomez


  • Andres Ibanez
  • Julio Bondia
  • Ismael Arroyo