Modelica is an object-oriented and declarative language specification for description/modeling of dynamic systems (mechanical, electrical, thermal, mixed, etc.). Scilab uses it inside Xcos to describe more complex blocks/components, taking advantage of existing compiler/translator implementations to generate correspondent C code for actual simulation.

For now, Modelica in Scilab is managed by an out-of tree compiler developed by LMS released under the GPL license, which is not actively maintained and support only a subset of the current language specification. The idea of this project is to allow the usage of OpenModelica’s OMCompiler (omc) as an alternative. Being a more up-to-date solution, omc integration would provide Scilab/Xcos the ability to use more advanced features, and avoid bugs, issues and maintenance burden of the current modelicac compiler.

Adapting Xcos blocks to support the FMI2 API standard would allow not only omc-generated code to be called but also any other FMI2-compliant applications to be easily integrate in the future.



Leonardo José Consoni


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