SAVT will be a software engine to visualize data of crop fields to Liquid Galaxy, allowing you to track his state. This image data, collected by drones, planes or satellites, can be among others : vegetation map, vigor map, nitrogen map, irrigation sectors, dose of fertilizer and variability map.

We plan to have access also to data collected by drone, and by different IoT (Internet of Things) platforms, with sensor arrays on the crop field. We'll also use the platform to visualize this data overlaid on the maps and with explanations in almost real time, such as temperature, hygrometry, wind, and others upon availability.

The management interface will have the ability to show the analyzed data from a specific client, land or area. Likewise, it will also be possible to collect data from various sources and import images with their coordinates to show them to Liquid Galaxy where each crop field will show a pop-up balloon with all the information about it.

Another functionality is the system integration with google assistant using actions SDK to make voice requests and having a conversational UI experience.



Javier Calvo GarcĂ­a


  • Paco Martin Fernandez
  • Andreuibanez