The goal of this proposal is to implement a Plugin System in Pitivi and a set of at least three plugins: the “Developer Console”, the “Timeline Markers” and “Automatic Transitions”. The first one is a tool for Pitivi developers and Pitivi’s plugins developers that will allow them to do quick experiments at runtime by having access to all the internal objects of Pitivi saving time to them. The second plugin gives the user a sense of time, by drawing vertical lines each ten seconds (or other period of time). For example, it will be useful when the user zooms in and wants to move along the timeline, because Pitivi will display guidelines. Finally, the third one is a plugin that avoid the tedious process of dragging video (or image) clips over other video (or image) clips in order to create a transition when there are a very large set of this clips. This plugin will save time to users who just want to import a set of images (of last vacation trip for example) to create a video as fast as possible.



Fabian Orccon


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