This proposal consists of the implementation of a 3D model repository for OpenStreetMap, improving upon the basic system offered by the Simple 3D Buildings tags. By allowing 3D models to be used in OSM 3D visualizers, the quality and ease of creation of the rendering can be improved. To implement this repository by the proposed deadline, I have decided to use the Django/Python framework, with PostgreSQL as the database backend, and for the front end Bootstrap was chosen. The OpenLayers library will also be used to render slippy maps to the user. The repository includes an user interface allowing uploading models from an authenticated OSM account through the OAuth mechanism, and an API for 3D visualizers to use, so that they can query the repository for models. Finally, while there were a plethora of interesting features that could be included in the deadline checklists, I have opted for only having the essential features required for a 3D repository as deliverables, with the rest as extra features, to be added if time allows it.



Pedro Amaro


  • Tobias Knerr
  • Jan Marsch