This project aims to extend the current functionality and capabilities of the R package ‘markovchain’ in order to provide statisticians a more functional tool to perform analysis of stochastic projects related to Markov chains (MCs). Optimization (in terms of coding performance and algorithms) of existing package is also included in the project’s scope. The project targets to implement functions related to different ideas. These include adding more functionalities to already implemented continuous time Markovchains (CTMCs) (reference - , ) , adding functionalities to Higher Order multivariate markovchains, building important graphics features and some general functions that include number-of-visits for finite-state Markovchains. I also intend to implement ideas from the paper for implementing stability of markovchains. Along with this it is proposed to implement the idea referred from These additions would bring a significant change to the markovchain package.


Vandit Jain


  • Sai Bhargav Yalamanchi
  • Giorgio Spedicato