Bookmarking extension that works like your brain - full-text search everything.

WorldBrain’s mission is to make it easier for people to organise, recover, and share the most useful and trustworthy content they find on the web. To do that, we built Memex. An open-source bookmarking tool for great thinkers: the researchers, scientists, academics, students, polemics, publishers, reporters, and writers who want to make the world a better place using facts, research, and verified information.

With Memex we want to help you ease the frustration of not being able to find something you’ve seen online, whether it’s a website, a post on social media, a useful comment, or important quote. Users can find things again, by searching for every word of every website visited – plus they can filter by domain, custom tags or time. Also users can create links to highlights of articles, they can send to other people.

Memex is built with full privacy and data ownership in mind. All data is stored locally on a user’s own computer. You can also pause indexing, or to blacklist domains or URLs.

Our long-term vision is to battle online misinformation, by enabling users to build on the past web-research of other people, and break out of their filter bubbles by comparing multiple different opinions. (

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  • react
  • javascript
  • browser extension
  • datproject


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  • Sriram Ravichandran
    Comments and Annotations
    The primary goal of this project is to enable users of Memex to add/edit/remove comments in any page conveniently, while storing them in a...
  • Subrat Sahu
    Create Custom Lists.
    This project adds a new feature to Worldbrain's MEMEX a web extension. The feature enables users to add Custom Lists. A List is a collection of pages...
  • Mukesh Kumar Kharita
    Custom Analytics
    Worldbrain - Memex already has analytics but they’re limited. This proposal involves storing, tracking and analysing an event log of the user...