Powerful, modern, open source team chat, complete with apps for every platform.

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application. It competes with Slack, IRC, Jabber, and dozens of other group chat tools designed to help teams (whether open source projects or companies) collaborate effectively. Zulip supports fast search, drag-and-drop file uploads, image previews, group private messages, configurable notifications, missed-message emails, markdown message rendering, and much more -- essentially everything you might want.

Unlike Slack, it’s open source and has a welcoming community of over 400 volunteer contributors. Unlike IRC/Jabber/etc., Zulip is a complete, modern application, with a nice web interface, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop apps for Mac/Linux/Windows. And unlike all other popular group chat tools, Zulip is designed to make conversations more efficient through its unique threading system that helps teams manage large numbers of messages. In particular, Zulip makes it easy to have multiple conversations at the same time with the same groups of people, and easy to catch up on hundreds or thousands of messages quickly without missing anything important.

Zulip is known for its extensive developer documentation (100,000 words and growing!), code quality, and tooling, and thus is the ideal project to work on to learn how to build a high-quality web application. Our goal in the GSoC program is for each successful student to grow into becoming the maintainer of a significant component of Zulip by the end of the program.

As an organization, we value high-quality mentorship and high quality product -- you can expect to learn a lot how to make a large software project successful from disciplined code reviews by highly experienced engineers. Your GSoC experience with the Zulip project will be highly interactive (with daily chat checkins with mentors, experts, and other students), with a focus on teaching you the concepts and reasoning behind how Zulip is engineered and how to make it better.

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  • python
  • django
  • javascript
  • react native
  • electron


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Zulip 2018 Projects

  • Yashashvi Dave
    Add different level of user authentications in streams
    Add different level of user authentications in streams, improve stream creation flow in UI and add new option to make creation of incoming webhook...
  • Yago González
    API docs + multiple keys per user
    My proposal is focused on making certain improvements in Zulip that are considered prioritary, with the goal of providing high-value contributions in...
  • Eeshan Garg
    Automating setup and configuration for integrations
    The primary goal of this project is to automate setup and configuration for integrations and webhooks on Zulip’s end.
  • Aswin G
    Google Summer of Code Proposal to improve Zulip Mobile
    Very often even if an application has a robust backend, the user interface is often the factor that decides whether it will be taken up or not by...
  • Shubham Dhama
    Improve settings subsystem and add new features.
    Brief of this project is: Add feature of guest user Add backend pieces of guest user Change fronted pieces for guest user Improve settings...
  • Shubham Padia
    Improvements related to the search area.
    This project will focus on high priority issues in the area of search. The project aims at maintaining a consistent user experience in terms of...
  • Aditya Bansal
    Public Stream Archives
    Public access to communications is an important aspect to some communities. These communities may or may not be open source communities but still...
  • Rhea Parekh
    Widgets and Slash commands Architecture, IRC mirrors, Improving import-export Infrastructure.
    The Slash Commands act as easy-to-use shortcuts for specific actions, whereas widgets are interactive messages which enables Zulip users to interact...
  • Abhigyan Khaund
    Zulip Electron
    In this project, I will focus on the desktop(electron) project of Zulip. The major aim would be to fix up most of the high priority issues, polishing...
  • Aman Agrawal
    Zulip Terminal
    Make a terminal interface for zulip using its API.