Helping millions of learners become better writers and critical thinkers

What is is an education technology nonprofit that helps over 750,000 learners around the world improve their writing and critical thinking skills through innovative technological approaches. We're grateful to have support from organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,, and AT&T Foundation.

Improving Education with Innovative Technology

Quill was recently featured in Fast Company and the Google Machine Learning blog for our work applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques to helping learners become better writers and critical thinkers. We leverage this technology alongside a proven curriculum of learning techniques from top educational researchers.

Learners begin by completing a diagnostic activity that provides the learning management system enough information to predict where the student is strong and where they need improvement. Then, teachers can assign follow up activities that provide practice targeted specifically to where the student is falling short. (There are even special versions of the diagnostic for English language learners whose first languages are Spanish, Mandarin, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Hindi.)

Quill has a variety of activity types, including a real-time classroom lessons mode, a sentence construction tool, a proofreading practice tool and a grammar practice tool.

Each tool has associated algorithms for assessing and providing targeted feedback in response to student submissions. These algorithms utilize rules-based logic, natural language processing, and machine learning.

What's Next?

Up until now, Quill has primarily been built as a tool for educators to use with their students. This means that Quill does not currently have a self-study mode for learners who are not in a classroom setting. We're excited for the GSoC community to help leverage Quill's progress so far into a learning tool that can assist millions of learners around the world who deserve better education.

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