We support critical internet infrastructure with quality open source

ISC is the organization behind the ongoing development and distribution of the name server software, BIND. Our team of engineers helps drive the DNS standards and author the reference implementation that is then distributed as commercial-quality open source software for the Internet community. ISC provides the same leadership both in standards development and software for the DHCP protocol: ISC DHCP and Kea. Over the years, the ISC team has written over 60 RFCs; we are proud of our substantial contributions to the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Administrators adopting Kea are looking for new ways to manage their core network services. They are attracted by Kea's separation of lease data from network communications, that facilitates centralized provisioning. They want to leverage Kea's hooks api and REST api to integrate DHCP with other network operations. As the explosion of containerized applications is breaking the old 1:1 relationship of IP addresses to machines, they need more flexibility and automation for services like DNS updating. The Kea team are looking for contributors who want to help us bring this core network management service into the 21st century by improving and extending the monitoring, provisioning, extensibility and performance.

ISC is a non-profit company. Our open source software is freely available on our website and on https://github.com/isc-projects. ISC work is supported by the sale of software support contracts, and by donations from users who want to see free open source maintained and extended for everyone.

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  • dhcp
  • c/c++
  • mysql
  • cassandra
  • rest


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Internet Systems Consortium 2018 Projects

  • Mayya
    IPv6 Reconfiguration and Renumbering (Multiple IPv6 addresses/prefixes in a single IA)
    IPv6 re-configuration through DHCP is a server triggered mechanism for the clients to update their IPv6 addresses and prefixes. The server behavior...
  • Jerin John
    Kea Monitoring Dashboard
    The primary objective of this project is to develop a GUI dashboard for the Kea DHCP server software to function as a remote monitoring and...