Open Source Multimedia everywhere

The VideoLAN project is lead and composed of a team of volunteers, that believes in the power of open source when dealing with multimedia.

We are known for developing and publishing the widely used VLC media player playing almost everything everywhere. Additionally, we provide advanced tools for multimedia processing as well as libraries for use in third party applications.

Our latest addition to our cone family is the VideoLAN Movie Creator, a non-linear movie editor based on VLC technology and in the spotlight of this year's GSoC participation alongside interesting ports to embedded and mobile devices.

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  • c
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  • vue.js


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VideoLAN 2018 Projects

  • Alexander Lyon
    Implementing an AirPlay Render Target Module for VLC
    With VLC’s version 3.0, a major feature is the renderer API.This api makes it possible to create modules such as the new chromecast module that...
  • ePirat
    Move VLC build system to Meson Build
    Currently VLC is built using the autotools build system, which is hard to write, extend and maintain. Therefore the goal of this project is to port...
  • Raphaël Zumer
    Rate-distortion optimization in rav1e
    The goal of this project is to contribute to the development of the rav1e AV1 video encoder, through work on rate-distortion optimization (RDO) in...
  • ToddShepard
    VLC Crashes Server (CrashDragon)
    CrashDragon, the product of my last year's GSoC project, should be extended and major memory leaks should be fixed. New features which turned out to...
  • Vibhoothi Anand
    VLC macOS Interface Redesign
    This project aims to revamp VLC’s user interface for macOS and improve the user experience. The introduction of the Media Center will provide users...
  • Daksh Shah
    VLC macOS interface redesign
    Project Description: The VLC interface is quite outdated on macOS. This project for the summer is to rework heavily this interface to make it...
  • Chenrui He
    VLC Qt interface redesign
    This project is to rework heavily this interface to make it beautiful and useful again.
  • Mike JS Choi
    VLCKit Testsuite proposal
    Establishing a test suite around VLCKit in order to achieve ABI stability throughout future release and updates.
  • Soomin Lee
    VLCMediaLibraryKit Integration
    Overview The overall goal is to integrate VLCMediaLibraryKit to VLC-iOS and remove the usage of the old MediaLibraryKit. Technologies Objective-C...
  • Alper Çakan
    WebVLMC (Remote UI for VLMC)
    In this document, we propose a web app for the VideoLAN’s non-linear editing software, VLMC. The basic idea is to have a web frontend for VLMC, while...