vitrivr - the open-source multimedia search engine

What is vitrivr?

vitrivr is an innovative multimedia retrieval engine that offers a rich set of different query paradigms to search in large collections. This includes traditional keyword queries but also query-by-example, query-by-sketch, and motion queries that rely on intrinsic vide features features such as, for instance, color, edge or motion information. At the user interface, sample images or sample videos (query-by-example), hand-drawn sketches (query-by-sketch) or flow fields (motion queries) and combinations thereof can be used. The system is composed of the Vitrivr-NG front-end, the flexible retrieval engine Cineast, and the storage back-end ADAMpro.

What is Vitrivr-NG

Vitrivr-NG is vitrivrs browser-based user interface. It is implemented using Angular.js and Typescript and its modular architecture enables it to be customized for many use cases.

What is Cineast?

Cineast is a content-based multimedia retrieval engine which retrieves images, audio- and video sequences as well as 3d-models based on their content. It supports Query-by-Example as well as Query-by-Sketch by using a multitude of low-level visual features in parallel.

What is ADAMpro?

ADAMpro is a database system to store and retrieve multimedia data. It provides Boolean retrieval and similarity search and makes use of a various index structures for efficient retrieval.

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  • java
  • angularjs
  • spark
  • grpc


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vitrivr 2018 Projects

  • Vaibhav Maheshwari
    vitrivr App
    This project targets at making Android app for vitrivr. Currently vitrivr has a web UI which is vitrivr-ng but it is not optimised for mobile use....