X Window System and related projects (Mesa, DRI, Wayland, etc.)

The X.Org Foundation (or X.Org for short) is a foundation chartered to develop and execute effective strategies that provide worldwide stewardship and encouragement of the X Window System and related projects. Indeed, X.Org is much broader than just the X Window System. Under the umbrella of the X.Org Foundation can be found Linux's DRM subsystem (10% of the size of Linux), Mesa (open source 3D and video-decoding acceleration for AMD, Intel, NVIDIA,...), and Wayland. X.org's technologies underpin much of today's computing environment, and expertise in it is in high demand worldwide.

Today, as the result of more than 20 years of work by teams of leading open source developers, most of the graphical user interfaces for Unix and Linux systems rely on X.Org. On top of the X-Server-based systems, this includes Android- and ChromeOS-based devices, and Wayland-based systems (Sailfish OS, Gnome, ...). X.Org is responsible for the design of the X libraries which interface with application, the acceleration architectures used for graphics, and the graphics and input drivers. In particular, it has been at the center of the recent restructuring of the Linux graphics driver stack.

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  • opengl
  • vulkan
  • x11
  • wayland
  • opencl


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X.org Foundation 2018 Projects

  • Nayan Deshmukh
    Improve the Linux/DRM GPU scheduler to feed one entity into multiple run queues
    All the GPU drivers have a scheduler component that schedules the job received from the applications on the GPU hardware. Recently the amdgpu’s...
  • Rodrigo Siqueira
    Virtual KMS module
    The Kernel Mode-Setting (KMS) is a mechanism that enables a process to command the kernel to set a mode (screen resolution, color depth, and rate)...