Promoting Polyhedral Compilation

Polly Labs is a multinational collaboration between academia and industry. Its mission is to advance research and software around the Polyhedral Model.

Polyhedral compilation is a powerful technique to automatically optimize loop nests which often occur in scientific and multimedia code. Optimizations include parallelization (OpenMP, OpenCL, CUDA, MPI, ...), vectorization, tiling, loop fusion, loop reversal, loop interchange and many more.

Polly Labs contributes software to the community itself, such as:

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  • c/c++
  • llvm
  • polly
  • isl
  • ppcg


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Polly Labs 2018 Projects

  • Pankaj Kukreja
    Collect Polyhedral Benchmarks
    Currently, Polly’s performance is measured on PolyBench benchmark. PolyBench does not cover all of the possible kernels so we may miss out some...
  • Sahil Yerawar
    Compiling Chapel with Polly/LLVM
    Chapel is an emerging parallel programming language developed with the aim of providing better performance in High-Performance Computing as well as...
  • Andrei Lascu
    Metamorphic Testing for Math Libraries
    Recently, metamorphic testing techniques have been applied with success in various fields to find domain-specific bugs, as presented in this survey....