Terasology: like an open source Minecraft - imagine the possibilities!

Why Terasology

We set out to see how an open source and super extensible voxel game inspired by Minecraft could go beyond it and offer gameplay like seen in Dwarf Fortress or Dungeon Keeper. What would modders come up with if you could create and ship a mod with a few simple commands, making it available immediately for download in-game by others, in a secure sandboxed environment?

Minimal Engine

Our engine is intended to be as bare-bone as possible, even excluding such basics as inventory, health, creatures, or combat. A series of minimal modules are meant to be bundled with the game's standard distribution to offer a sort of vanilla game experience, with a focus on commonly used systems that are often fragmented and re-implemented many times over. All such modules are community owned and maintained, guaranteed to work with every release.


Any content is wrapped in modules ranging from tiny frameworks supporting commonly needed utility to large gameplay templates commonly referred to as mod packs in the Minecraft world, that in turn can depend on dozens of the smaller pieces, maximizing reusability.

Creating a new module is as easy as running a single gradlew command, having a community repository created on GitHub is another single request away, and fetching source for any such community module is yet another single command. Dependency resolution is supported within the engine framework both for development and for runtime usage, including auto-downloading from a running game server to connecting clients.

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  • java
  • opengl
  • json
  • blender
  • github


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MovingBlocks 2018 Projects

  • Adrian Siekierka
    Developing an assortment of sandbox-friendly framework and content modules
    This proposal involves creating a “base game”, or gameplay template, usable by players and expansion mod developers alike. I have spent a long time...
  • Iaron da Costa Araújo
    Event Recording Feature
    At present, Terasology has a very limited amount of types of automated testing, which includes standard unit tests, environment-based tests and some...
  • Devi Acharya @dacharya64
    Extending “Light and Shadow” Gameplay and Functionality
    My goal for Google Summer of Code is to work on improvements for the current Light and Shadow module. My hope for the end of the summer is to create...
  • Siarhei Shalyhaila
    Game / saved world / module preview image content
    From my perspective, we could redo some game menus and improve user's experience. The general idea is to provide more opportunities to manage module...
  • Shreyas Iyer
    GooKeeper Implementation
    The aim of this project is to bring SuperSnark’s brilliant game design to life - GooKeeper! In GooKeeper the player has to setup and maintain a...
  • Neil Moon
    Improving the Server Facade
    During Google summer of code 2017, one student worked on making a backend that exposes information about Terasology servers. He also made a frontend...
  • Sarthak Khandelwal
    Multiple Worlds
    Terasology is an open world, open source game but it’s open in the sense that one can explore a single world as much as possible. The idea of this...
  • Naman Tiwari
    Renovation of MasterOfOreon
    Renovation of Master of Oreon is an extensive refactor of the current Master of Oreon module. The vision behind MOO is to create a game-play scenario...
  • jellysnake
    Tower Defence Gameplay Template
    Terasology One of the main goals of Teraoslogy is to be Overwhelmingly Customisable. This means that the base engine only provides the bare minimum...