Open hardware and software to help communities measure and analyze pollution

Measuring pollution at low cost

Public Lab is focused on democratizing the tools and techniques of environmental science so that communities who face pollution and other environmental problems can actually use them.

We believe that low cost, open source, easy to use hardware and software can enable anyone to collect data with which to hold polluters accountable.

Sensor data and open hardware development

Public Lab software projects focus on two areas: community collaboration and open hardware development (, and data processing for our sensors and tools ( and, among others).

Our collaboration and development platform enables thousands of people to publish updates and share designs for emerging environmental open hardware projects. Our browser-based data analysis tools make use of HTML5 features such as CSS 3d transforms for image distortion and the WebRTC webcam API for capturing spectral data, to make advanced features available to users in a powerful cross-platform, user-friendly, database-backed approach to open science tools.

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  • ruby on rails
  • javascript
  • node.js


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Public Lab 2018 Projects

  • Margaret Norton
    Computer Vision enhancements for Raspberry Pi based Public Lab Science Projects
    The project would provide a series of modular python programs that could be used to support different Public Lab imaging and spectrum measurement...
  • Gaurav Sachdeva
    Draft Feature and Email Integration project
    Draft Feature: This feature would allow users to save their research note as a draft so that user can complete it anytime. It would also allow a user...
  • Naman Gupta
    Email integration Project
    The current implementation of Email System in PLOTS2 doesn't implement Active Jobs i.e queue feature because it is currently using rails 4.1. And...
  • Vidit Chitkara
    Email Notification Overhaul
    The aim of this proposal is to enhance user experience. The features which are integrated in this proposal are:- 1) Reply to comments by email - A...
  • tech4gt
    Image Sequencer v2
    Image Sequencer is a sequential image processing library completely written in javascript which currently supports Node.js and the browser. It has...
  • Mridul Nagpal
    Leaflet BLurred Location Part 2
    Improving currently existing leaflet blurred location library, also building a new library named leaflet blurred location display currently in...
  • Sidharth Bansal
    OAuth & Upgrade to Bootstrap 4
    Authorising users through Google, Facebook, Github and Twitter through Omniauth gem and upgrading the current bootstrap version 3 to version 4.
  • Sagarpreet Chadha
    Social Media Integration and Leaflet Environmental-Layers Library .
    People are increasingly engaging with Public Lab community and questions via Twitter . This project helps in : Generating more content to PublicLab...
  • Sourav Sahoo
    Upgrade to Rails 5
    In this summer I want to work on upgrading the code of plots2 repository to rails 5.0 and rails 5.1. The project would have many challenges to...