Freifunk is a non-commercial initiative for free and open wireless networks.

More and more people are single-handedly installing and maintaining free networks. Every user in the free wireless network provides his or her wireless LAN router for data transfer to other participants. In return, he or she can also transmit data, such as text, music and movies through a free internal network or use services setup by participants to chat, call or play online games. We use mesh networks.

Umbrella Organisation

We act as umbrella organisation for other wireless communities like Ninux,, or WLAN Slovenija and communites developing software we extensivly use like OpenWRT, OLSR, BATMAN, libremesh or retroshare.

Local communities provide software adapted to their own needs on their websites. There are more and more free wireless groups that meet regularly access in villages and cities.

Hardware and Software

Most devices in our networks are routers for home use. They should run with LEDE. In our local communities there are a lot of different approaches for different routing protocols, monitoring systems and map solutions. LEDE as OS for routers and OLSR, BATMAN and Babel as routing daemons are only a few examples of software developed together with freifunk. You can find a great variety of topics where you can go on with wireless communities. We're looking for people working on new hardware drivers, improving routing protocols, developing network monitoring tools and user interface topics on the web interfaces, helping us with new features and tools to organize decentralized communities.

Common freifunk goals

  • Educating and creating awareness on the subject of communication and freedom of information
  • Reducing the digital divide
  • Unhindered distribution of knowledge and resources
  • Empowering people to build and operate their own networks
  • Promote and support existing and new social structures

As we are decentralized there are some challenges, e.g. to get and show information about communities, working together with all those communties.

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  • openwrt
  • javascript
  • html
  • c
  • python


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freifunk 2018 Projects

  • Marin Stević
    Better map for nodewatcher
    The idea is to replace the original map with a new one that looks better and represents nodes in a better way. Currently the map is very basic and...
  • Katharina Sabel
    Design network agnostic communication protocol
    My goal is to design a new protocol for The current protocol is very heavily coupled to olsr which is used for all networking tasks. To...
  • Alexander Paetzelt
    Easily Expandable Wireless Intrusion Detection System
    While analyzing already available Open Source Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS), we realized that there is no full-featured solution yet....
  • Fejes Ferenc
    Kernel space SOCKS proxy for Linux 4.x
    Currently no open source SOCKS proxy available for recent kernel versions. In fact router proxification depends on user-space proxy applications....
  • Marcos Gutierrez
    LibreMesh ground routing user friendly interface
    Create a user interface for lime-hwd-ground-routing that is easy to use and understand.
  • Paul Spooren
    LibreNet6 LibreMesh already does extensive use of IPv6 technology, we...
  • Daniel Dakhno
    Local Phone App
    The project consists of constructing an android app which allows a quick exchange of contact data through a QR-code and thus serverless p2p voice- as...
  • Robert Marko
    nodewatcher: Build system rework and package upstreaming
    Nodewatcher currently uses Dockerized OpenWrt firmware builders which are manually generated. Currently, their generation is slow and complicated...
  • Thi Huyen (Lilli) Cao
    OpenWLANMap App
    The goal of this project is to develop a new OpenWLANMap wardriver app to replace the old one, which is not working anymore in order to save and...
  • Marco Musumeci
    Re-write the Turnantenna code
    Turnantenna is now a prototype, and the code was written for a specific driver and for a specific motor. My project includes: • 1 more motor, in...
  • nick.power
    Realizing a decentralized WiFi Controller
    Decentralized WiFi controller DAWN is a decentralized WiFi controller. So far the daemon concentrates on load balancing to distribute the network...
  • Tobias Ilte
    VRConfig - Visual Router Config for OpenWrt
    Improve the usability and beginner-friendliness of OpenWrt's LuCI Web Interface by creating a picture-based visual router configuration