Programming assignment submission with automated grading and manual TA grading

Submitty is an open source programming assignment submission system with secure and automated testing, automated grading, and efficient manual TA/instructor grading & overall course grades management. Submitty was launched by the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software (RCOS).

The Submitty project is hosted on GitHub.

Key Features

  • Secure testing of many languages: Python, C/C++, Java, Scheme, Prolog, SPIM, and anything available on GNU / Linux!
  • Customizable automated grading with immediate feedback to students
  • Advanced grading tools: static analysis, JUnit, code coverage, memory debuggers, etc.
  • Student upload by drag-and-drop, zip upload, or version control
  • Correct mistakes through multiple submissions, flexible ``late day’’ policy, hidden tests
  • Interface for complementary instructor/TA manual grading, overall grade summaries
  • Instructors have full access to logs for debugging, launch batch regrading
  • Scales to multiple courses with thousands of students
  • Supports multiple instructors and TAs per course
  • Open-source, free to use, install on your own hardware, or VPS
  • Discussion forum
  • Plagiarism Detection

In the Fall 2017 term, Submitty was used by 1800+ students in 14 different courses in the RPI Computer Science department. The largest class, Computer Science I, had more than 700 students. The courses using Submitty cover the full spectrum of the computer science undergraduate and graduate curriculum from introductory programming courses, intermediate and advanced theory courses, popular junior/senior electives with team programming projects and written report projects, and specialized advanced topics cross-listed as graduate courses.

Submitty was presented at ACM SIGCSE 2017 in March 2017 and subsequently successfully used by instructors for courses at 3 other universities in Fall 2017. Submitty will be presenting both a demo and posters at SIGCSE 2018 and aims to expand to more users.

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  • python
  • c++
  • databases
  • web/html/css
  • php/javascript/ajax


  • Other
  • education
  • privacy/security
  • data visualization
  • web
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Submitty 2018 Projects

  • Gagan Kumar
    Discussion Forum
    Submitty has a student-faculty portal named "Discussion Forum". It can be used for asking queries, announcements, notes sharing, etc. I would like to...
  • Tushar Gurjar
    Instructor Interface for Plagiarism Detection
    Plagiarism Detection is among the significant and crucial tools provided by Submitty. I would like to work on improvising the current Plagiarism...