Amahi, a home digital assistant at your fingertips.

The Amahi Linux Home Server makes your home networking and storage simple. We like to call the Amahi servers HDAs, for "Home Digital Assistants." Each HDA delivers all the functionality you would want in a home server, while being easy to use from a web browser and mobile apps.

Amahi can turn popular Linux distributions into a simple to use networking, storage and app server. The server management is done through a friendly user interface (the "platform”). The platform allows controlling users login and storage access permissions, managing some network services like DHCP and DNS, as well as providing many apps that the users can install. The platform web interface is implemented in Ruby on Rails and runs in the web server along with other apps.

The installation process is done by installing the base distribution (Fedora at the moment) and after that, running the Amahi installer at the command line.

Once the installation is complete, the network services kick in, storage can be used and applications are installed by users. Some applications are Plugins (developed as an RoR "engine") and some are very popular open source apps and services.

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  • ruby on rails
  • golang
  • swift
  • javascript
  • android


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Amahi 2018 Projects

  • Sanjit Chakrabarti
    Amahi Express Install Disc
    I propose to build an Amahi Express Install Disc, powered by Fedora Server. In that, the user can install our Amahi Server without interacting with...
  • Kanyinsola
    Amahi iOS App Improvements and new Features
    Amahi is a personal/home cloud-based server. Currently, you can stream, view and access the files in your Amahi server using your iOS & Android...
  • arihant
    Android App Imrovements
    The Aim of the project is to add more functionality to the Android app. Following features can be implemented in the app: Sharing of folders...
  • Chirag Maheshwari
    Backend Improvements and New Feature Additions
    Amahi is a personal/home networking, storage and app server with features allowing users to access their files and apps remotely using android and...
  • Sukhbir Singh
    Gsoc Proposal: Amahi 11
    In this project, my work will mainly focus on working as a full stack developer for Amahi. I will implement new API endpoints which can be consumed...