Encrypting the Internet with IKE and IPsec

Libreswan implements the IKE and IPsec standards for VPN. These standards have been created and are still maintained at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in the IPsecME Working Group. Libreswan is used as a remote access VPN as well as cloud encryption. It is known for its goal of Opportunistic Encryption which aims to encrypt the entire internet by default.

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  • c
  • python
  • shell script
  • qemu


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The Libreswan Project 2018 Projects

  • Sahana Prasad
    Extend RFC-7427 Signature Authentication support to IKEv2 with ECC / EDDSA support
    Libreswan itself currently only supports RSA as Digital Signature Authentication method, so it needs to be extended internally as well to be able to...
  • Vukašin Karadžić
    Implementing “Group Key Management using IKEv2” IETF draft, RFC 5685 - “Redirect Mechanism for IKEv2” and/or RFC 5723 - “IKEv2 Session Resumption”
    This project is sort of a hybrid project and it consists of implementation of atleast two out of three IETF RFCs/Drafts. The three features in...
  • Rishabh Chaudhary
    Web based Certificate and Profile User Interface
    There are shell scripts for creating X.509 certificates, revoking certificates and signing CRLs and scripts for the creation of Profile certificate...