Advacing open source project health and sustainability

Understanding health and sustainability is of increasing importance as people and organizations rely on open source projects in their daily work. The CHAOSS project is specifically aimed at producing integrated, open source software for analyzing software development, and definition of standards and models used in that software in specific use cases; establishing implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions, and health; and producing standardized metric exchange formats, detailed use cases, models, or recommendations to analyze specific issues in the industry/OSS world.

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  • python 3
  • javascript


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CHAOSS: Community Health Analytics Open Source Software 2018 Projects

  • Keanu Nichols
    Reporting of CHAOSS Metrics
    Writing Python code to query GrimoireLab Elastisearch databases and obtain from it the metrics relevant for the report. Possible technologies to...
  • Pranjal Aswani
    Reporting of CHAOSS Metrics: Refactoring the existing code and extending the capabilities of the Manuscripts Project
    The Manuscripts project, which is a part of the Grimoire Toolset, helps us in analysing repositories and projects by creating a report based on...