Framework for writing high-performance server applications on modern hardware

Seastar is an advanced, open-source C++ framework for high-performance server applications on modern hardware. Seastar is the first framework to bring together a set of extreme architectural innovations, including:

Shared-nothing design: Seastar uses a shared-nothing model that shards all requests onto individual cores. High-performance networking: Seastar offers a choice of network stack, including conventional Linux networking for ease of development, DPDK for fast user-space networking on Linux, and native networking on OSv. Futures and promises: an advanced new model for concurrent applications that offers C++ programmers both high performance and the ability to create comprehensible, testable high-quality code. Message passing: a design for sharing information between CPU cores without time-consuming locking.

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  • cpp
  • framework
  • dpdk
  • tcp
  • linux


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Seastar 2018 Projects

  • Ryan Huang
    TCP BBR implementation in Seastar
    TCP BBR was proposed as a modern TCP congestion control algorithm by Google in 2016. The traditional loss-based TCP algorithms like TCP CUBIC, reduce...