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Apache Software Foundation 2018 Projects

  • Yasas Gunarathne
    [AIRAVATA-2717] [GSoC] Resurrect User-Defined Airavata Workflows
    Apache Airavata used to support user-defined workflows using the XBaya interface, to drag and drop application components to a workspace and define...
  • Deshani Geethika
    [COMDEV-254] Allura - Personal Dashboard
    A nice improvement to Allura project/code hosting would be a personal dashboard when a user is logged in. It would provide quick access to the...
  • Guobao LI
    [SYSTEMML-2083] Language and runtime for parameter servers
    The project aims to provide a compiler extension and runtime for a new "paramserv" built-in function. In the context of large-scale machine learning,...
  • Julio Caguano
    ANY23-295 Implement ability to use librdfa
    This project will implement a new RDFa parser for Apache Any23 through a wrapper of the native C/C++ library Librdfa. The implementation aims to...
  • Kai Jiang
    Apache Beam: TPC-H Benchmark on Beam SQL
    Beam has a number of classic streaming SQL benchmarks known as "Nexmark" coded up in both raw Java and also Beam SQL. So far, expanding functionality...
  • Majdi Haouech
    Apache Taverna CWL support proposal
    The Common Workflow Language (CWL) aims to standardize workflow languages to execute command line tools on the cloud and on local servers. Apache...
  • Ahmed Ifhaam
    Evolve DRAT web interface
    Apache DRAT is an open source Release Audit Tool. Which is distributed and parallelized (Map Reduce) wrapper around APACHE RATTM (Release Audit Tool)...
  • Dilpreet Singh
    Fineract CN Mobile 2.0
    The development phase for Fineract CN Mobile 2.0 can be divided into these parts:- New Features like Multiple account login and maintain session,...
  • Graham
    Fineract CN SMS & Email Notifications
    This project is a new feature request for the Apache Fineract CN. The SMS/Email Notifications service would be a microservice developed on Apache...
  • Carlos Muñoz
    GORA-535 Add a data store for Apache Ignite
    This GSoC project aims to implement a new backend for Apache Gora, specifically the distributed database Apache Ignite. This proposal focuses on the...
  • Ruphine Kengne
    Group Loan Management Service
    This project is about building a Group Loan Management Service web UI within the fims-web-app to consume the existing APIs of the Group microservice...
    Implement OGC Catalog Service for the Web(CSW)
    This project focus on building about the server side of the Catalog Service for the Web(CSW) is base on OGC Catalogue interface standards use the...
  • Jae Hyeon Park
    Implement RESTful API and web ui interface in Nemo
    Apache Nemo (incubating) is a data processing system that supports various deployment characteristics, by easily customizing translation of a...
  • Sergio Esteves
    Implementing integration plugins in RocketMQ for HBase and Beam
    This proposal aims at designing, implementing and evaluating plugins that integrate RocketMQ with both the HBase data store and the Beam data...
  • Karan Kotabagi
    Integrate NextCloud for Apache Airavata's Data Transfer Use Cases
    The goal of this project is to design and implement a Nextcloud module and replace the existing transfer of the files from the client applications...
  • Davis Joseph
    Mapping Criminal Activity
    I'm making a criminology gateway which would make data more accessible to those with the proper clearance by creating a web application that is easy...
  • Irindu Nugawela
    MongoDB Output Connector for Apache ManifoldCF
    Apache ManifoldCF is an open source software framework which falls under the category of enterprise content management software, designed to...
  • Pembe Motia
    New Web UI For Apache Fineract CN
    This project is about designing a new web user interface for institutions with Group lending facilities using Apache Fineract CN which will be...
  • Hasini Witharana
    OpenID Connect Authentication Handler for Apache Sling
    This project is about creating an OpenID Connect Relying Party Authentication Handler for Apache Sling. OpenID Connect(OIDC) is an authentication...
  • Tzu-Chiao Yeh
    OpenWhisk performance improvement - work stealing, priority-based scheduling on load balancer and direct connection for streaming capabilities.
    The emergence of serverless computing moves cloud/edge to the next generation of resource sharing: function as a service. The innovation makes...
  • Lahiru Jayathilake
    Re-architect Output Data Parsing into Airavata core
    This provides an opportunity to re-architect the data catalog and build it on new Helix DAG based execution within Airavata.
  • Rohan Julka
    Support Groovy implementations in the Netbeans IDE plugin
    Apache Syncope allows customization of its behaviour using Groovy scripts this is done so that the Syncope behaviour can be customized at runtime. It...
  • Hitesh Gautam
    Writing Tests for Apache Taverna Mobile
    Apache Taverna Mobile is an Android app for controlling an Apache Taverna Server for remotely running Apache Taverna workflows. Apache Taverna mobile...