Building platforms for reproducible AI research

CloudCV is an open source cloud platform led by graduate students and faculty at the Machine Learning and Perception Lab at Georgia Tech, with the aim of making AI research more reproducible. At CloudCV, we are building tools that enable researchers to build, compare, and share start-of-the-algorithms. We believe that one shouldn’t have to be an AI expert to have access to cutting-edge vision algorithms. Likewise, researchers shouldn’t have to worry about building a service around their deep learning models to showcase and share it with others.

CloudCV consists of three major platforms:

Origami is an AI-as-a-service solution that allows researchers to easily convert their deep learning models into an online service that is widely accessible to everyone without the need to set up infrastructure, resolve dependencies, and build a web service around the deep learning model. By lowering the barrier to entry to the latest AI algorithms, we provide developers, researchers, and students the ability to access any model using a simple REST API call.

Fabrik is an online collaborative platform to build, visualize and train deep learning models by a simple drag-and-drop approach. It allows researchers to collaboratively develop and debug models using a web GUI that allows importing, editing, and exporting networks from widely popular frameworks like Caffe, Tensorflow and Keras.

EvalAI is an open source web platform that aims to help researchers, students and data scientists create, collaborate, and participate in AI challenges. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to compare an algorithm solving a given task with other existing approaches. These comparisons suffer from minor differences in algorithm implementation, use of non-standard dataset splits, and different evaluation metrics. By simplifying and standardizing the process of benchmarking AI, we want to circumvent many of the factors impeding the rate of progress in AI.

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  • machine learning
  • deep learning
  • computer vision
  • artificial intelligence
  • cloud


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  • python
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  • django
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CloudCV 2018 Projects

  • Ram Ramrakhya
    Fabrik is an online collaborative platform to build, visualize and train deep learning models via a simple drag-and-drop interface. It allows...
  • Dhruv Batheja
    Implementing python package and new features for EvalAI
    This project will involve implementation of a python-package for enabling CLI submissions and participation in the first phase. The second phase will...
  • Vipin Singh
    Improve Demo creation in Origami
    Improve the Demo creation in Origami and Provide REST API for demo access.Adding analytic server for optimising demo performance and for getting ...
  • fristonio
    Improve Demo creation in Origami
    Cloud-CV is an open source cloud platform with the aim to make AI research reproducible. Origami (previously called CloudCV-fy your code) is an...
  • Adarsh Suraj
    Python Package, Amazon SQS and REST-ful services for EvalAI.
    1. EvalAI Python Package. Creating a python package for EvalAI which lets the participants to import evalai as a python package and then make...