Crowdsourcing the future Internet

Finding the successor of TCP/IP is the ultimate goal of our project. To do so, we have developed a new protocol stack, XIA. To reach this destination, we are both refining our codebase and working to meet unfulfilled demands of real-world networks. For example, our current short-term goal is to develop a DDoS protection system. At the same time, we are adding state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures to increase the speed and flexibility of XIA. We hope that this iterative refinement will make XIA an enticing choice for the future of networking.

The XIA project was established in 2010 as a collaboration between Boston University (BU), Carnegie Mellon University, University of Wisconsin - Madison, and Duke University. Linux XIA, the native implementation of XIA in the Linux kernel, became a project member of Software Freedom Conservancy in 2016.

Pranav Goswami, one of our previous students, has summarized the growth experience that GSoC has brought to him and other of our students in the following testimonial:

“Working in GSoC as a student (2015) and then as a mentor (2017) for Linux XIA has been rewarding in many aspects and, throughout this journey, I have grown a lot and learned a lot. Starting out as a student, I was guided very proficiently by Michel, Qiaobin, John, and Cody throughout the program. This, in turn, boosted my confidence and improved my communication as well as coding standard. It also gave me in-depth knowledge about the kernel development and using present technologies to build future ideas. Linux XIA gives ample opportunities to improve and take charge in the process. After successfully completing the program the team trusted me to take a more challenging role as a mentor. Their belief motivated me to work harder and deliver more to my mentees. This experience has helped me develop my overall profile. As a GSoC organization, I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you, XIA team!”

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  • xia
  • linux kernel
  • c
  • advanced data structures
  • ddos


  • Cloud
  • computer networking
  • future internet architecture
  • research
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Boston University / XIA 2018 Projects

  • Hrishav Mukherjee
    Extending Mininet to support simulation of XIA networks
    Mininet is a network emulator for creating virtual networks. The nodes that it spins up are isolated in network namespaces and use real kernel...
  • Prashant Kumar Prajapati
    Implementing blackholing in Gatekeeper
    This project is mainly focused on implementing and testing the RHHH algorithm interfaced with Cold Filter that will be used to quickly and...
  • Vibhav Pant
    Implementing NWP - an address resolution protocol for XIA.
    The aim of this project is to implement a userspace version of the Neighbourhood Watch Protocol (NWP), which maps Autonomous Domain (AD) XIDs to...
  • Daivik Dave
    U6ID Principal
    XIP and TCP/IP can interoperate with each other by encapsulating the XIP packets as the payload of the IP datagram , which can be tunneled through...