Visual Programming Language for Realtime Multimedia

Purr data is a visual programming language built for low-latency, realtime DSP synthesis. In addition to core functionality for working with audio and 2d graphics, it ships with a large set of external libraries to handle video, 2D/3D graphics, sensors, input devices, and networking.

Purr data has a special emphasis on generating audio and/or video in real time, with low latency. Much of its design focuses on receiving, manipulating, and delivering high-quality audio signals. Specifically, the software addresses the problem of doing this efficiently and reliably on general purpose operating systems like OSX, Windows, Debian, etc.-- i.e., systems designed mainly for multi-tasking.

Purr Data builds on code from several other software projects: Pure Data-- which is the audio and scripting engine, Pd-extended-- which is a now abandoned application that shipped Pure Data with lots of external libraries, and Pd-l2ork-- which added long-needed usability enhancements like infinite-undo and native state-saving mechanisms to Pure Data.

Purr Data uses a GUI based on the nw.js toolkit. This means the entire GUI is built using HTML5 technologies, and any of those-- including thousands of web frameworks, the Gamepad API, WebGL, etc.-- may be leveraged by users and developers.

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  • javascript
  • html5/css3
  • node.js
  • c/c++


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Purr Data 2018 Projects

  • Pranay Gupta
    Change to Double precision floating point
    Successfully compiling purr-data’s core on both the single precision and double precision and changing the more popular external libraries run in...