Curating open data sets with open source softer and loads of volunteers.

The MetaBrainz Foundation is a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data. It has been set up to build community maintained databases and make them available in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses.

Our data is mostly gathered by volunteers and verified by peer review to ensure it is consistent and correct. All non-commercial use of this data is free, but commercial users are asked to support us in order to help fund the project. We encourage all data users to contribute to the data gathering process so that our data can be as comprehensive as possible.

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  • python
  • perl
  • javascript
  • postgresql
  • react


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MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. 2018 Projects

  • Kartikeya Sharma
    A way to associate listens with MBIDs
    Currently Listenbrainz uses MSIDs (Messybrainz-ID) for retrieving useful user stats (e.g. user listens). Now ListenBrainz also plans to generate data...
  • bukwurm
    Developing infrastructure for importing data into BookBrainz
    This proposal is aimed at developing infrastructure for importing data into the BookBrainz database from third party sources, while at the same time...
  • Rashi Sah
    More detailed integration of AcousticBrainz with MusicBrainz
    A tight integration with MusicBrainz database would be very helpful in AcousticBrainz because it would allow us to better understand our data by...
  • Chhavi Shrivastava
    React-based UI Component Library: A game-plan for user experience design overhaul of MusicBrainz
    MusicBrainz is aiming for a user experience overhaul. To keep design and development in sync, by thousands of contributors over the years, we need a...
  • Leo Verto
    SpamBrainz - Fighting spam with machine learning
    MusicBrainz has recently been plagued by spam entries, most of them attempting to advertise other websites. SpamBrainz is the latest *Brainz project,...