Build better Web APIs. Enable smart clients.

Building Web APIs seems still more an art than a science. How can we build APIs such that generic clients can easily use them? And how do we build those clients? Current APIs heavily rely on out-of-band information such as human-readable documentation and API-specific SDKs. However, this only allows for very simple and brittle clients that are hardcoded against specific APIs. Hydra, in contrast, is a set of technologies that allow to design APIs in a different manner, in a way that enables smarter clients.

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  • python
  • rdf
  • flask
  • hydra
  • json/json-ld


  • Web
  • apis
  • database
  • functional-programming
  • semantic web
  • knowledge graph
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Python HYDRA 2018 Projects

  • Vaibhav Chellani
    Open Api To Hydra Parser
    A parser for converting Open Api specification to HYDRA Api Documentation to increase users and ease of migration between platforms .
  • Sandeep Chauhan
    Redis as a Graph Database
    Redis is an in-memory remote database that offers high performance, replication, and a unique data model to produce a platform for solving...