End Poverty One Line of Code at a Time

The Mifos Initiative is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by leading a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform enabling the effective and efficient delivery of responsible financial services to the world’s 2 billion poor and unbanked. Our unprecedented approach to technology-enabled financial inclusion unites financial institutions, local technology partners, and volunteer developers to collectively advance open source banking infrastructure so the sector can sustainably build impactful innovations in digital financial services. More than 7 million clients are being reached by 300 financial institutions & fintech innovators who use the Mifos software to power their operations across 40+ countries. They are supported by a global community of 100 deployment partners & hundreds of volunteers. For the past decade, we’ve been at the forefront of transformative technology for financial services to the poor. Our technology stack provides complete banking infrastructure that is cloud-native, mobile-enabled, and scalable to the billions in need of cost-effective financial services. Our projects center around web & mobile apps that leverage APIs from the Apache Fineract platform & Apache Fineract CN, our latest evolution and the world's only open source application framework for digital financial services.
You will work with a global community of brilliant minds guided by our shared vision of creating a world of 3 Billion Maries. You'll be mentored by leading fintech developers to build innovation to respond directly to the needs of the Base of the Pyramid:

  • Mobile Wallets & Mobile Banking Apps via SMS, USSD, & Android
  • Android Mobile Apps to empower field officers to effectively serve the poor
  • AngularJS based web apps for managing the back office of a financial institution
  • Cutting edge web apps for self-service banking for the poor
  • Cloud-native, enterprise banking architecture
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  • java
  • android
  • spring
  • angularjs
  • mysql


  • End User Applications
  • fintech
  • financial inclusion
  • mobile banking
  • digital financial services
  • microfinance
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The Mifos Initiative 2018 Projects

  • Aksh Gautam
    Android Field Operations App Version 5
    This project would extend the existing version and transform it into Version 5 - by extending offline synchronization, adding additional...
  • Courage Angeh
    Containerization And Deployment Of Apache Fineract CN Using Docker, Docker Compose And Docker Swarm
    Apache Fineract CN is an Application Framework for Digital Financial Services. It is a system to support nationwide financial transactions and to...
  • Mohak Puri
    Fineract CN Mobile 2.0
    The Fineract CN Mobile 2.0 app is a step closer to achieving Mifos aim of speeding the elimination of poverty by enabling financial service providers...
  • Lalit Mohan Sanagavarapu
    Machine Learning Build Model and Predict Module
    Building a library that would take customer and transactional data as input to identify Good/Bad Loans, Frauds and other risk management activities...
  • Saksham Handu
    Mifos Mobile - Android App Version 3.0
    Enhancing the Mifos Self-Service App to newer functionality, better UI, and finally producing solid shippable product. 1) Adding Support for applying...
  • abhaychawla
    Mifos X Web App
    Mifos X Web App is the revamped version of the Mifos X Community App, an effective financial inclusion solution and the default web application built...
  • Manish Kumar
    Mifos-Mobile - App Version 3.0
    This year the project aims to extend the services provided to the end-user customer by - Adding a chat extension to improve communication between...
  • Dingfan
    Mifos/Fineract Chatbot & Adapter Application
    This project is about building Chatbot and its adapter layer to promote user fetching information conveniently.
  • Ankur Sharma
    Mobile Wallet 2.0
    Mobile Wallet 2.0 is about giving financial independence to their client, by providing financial services to all with transparency and reducing...
  • Ankit Raj Ojha
    Online Baking App 2.0 (UPDATE)
    Currently, the Mifos-X platform is bank staff facing. Self Service Web Application enables end-user Customers to log in to view/transact on the...
  • Sanyam Goel
    Payment Gateway And Mobile Money Integration
    Mobile money is rapidly transforming financial inclusion by providing more immediate, impactful, affordable, and secure financial services to the...
  • Kumaranath Fernando
    Scalability & Performance Enhancements
    The platform is now fully fledged to support the core banking needs of the community. With the growing demands of clients ranging from several...