Community of Java projects around JBoss Middleware

JBoss Community is a community of open source projects. The community hosts a large number of projects that are written in various programming languages. The primary language is Java. But there are also projects that are written in Ruby, PHP, Node and other languages.

Project categories range from better testing support over IDEs, application servers, application and performance monitoring to micro-services.

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  • java
  • android
  • ios
  • opentracing
  • apache kafka


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JBoss Community 2018 Projects

  • koderproxy
    EAT(EAP Additional testsuite)
    Our project come in category of Testing which is EAT(EAP additional Testsuite) by which we can Test infinite software project versions .The best...
  • Examin
    Security Vulnerability Tracking Tool.
    JBoss Web Servers consists of Apache Tomcat 7, Apache Tomcat 8 and Apache Tomcat 8.5 servers. JBoss Core Services consists of Apache HTTP server and...
  • Shubham Vashisht
    Strimzi - Bridging HTTP to Apache Kafka.
    Strimzi is a project about running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes and OpenShift. An important component of Strimzi is Amqp-Kafka bridge which as the name...