Healthcare for Humanity

We currently have under our umbrella the following projects:

  • LibreHealth Toolkit, a foundational base for building Health IT tools
  • LibreHealth EHR, an electronic health record derived from best practices and technology from leading open source systems
  • LibreHealth Radiology, a specialized distribution of LibreHealth Toolkit customized for radiology health care professionals

Our GSoC student projects will address real-life needs of our projects to help improve delivery of health care around the world. We have a team of expert mentors with decades of experience to help you in your work. They will be continually adding project ideas to our forum at, and we encourage you to suggest ideas too as you learn more about our projects. Come join us and bring open source innovation to health care!

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  • java
  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql
  • webcomponents


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LibreHealth 2018 Projects

  • Tigpezeghe Rodrige K.
    Building a Report Generator for LibreHealth's EHR system
    LibreEHR system currently has standard reports for various system features (Clients, Financial, Visits, Inventory, Services, Insurance, Procedures)....
  • Yash D. Saraf
    Implement Spring Data to LH Toolkit
    This project’s purpose is to replace or rather migrate the existing persistence schema of LibreHealth toolkit which uses hibernate mappings to a more...
  • Prashadi Bandara
    Implement Spring Data to the LibreHealth Toolkit
    The Librehealth toolkit is dependent on Hibernate for database mapping to MYSQL. To scale various uses for the toolkit, there is a critical need to...
  • Apoorv Choubey
    Improving the Calendar system in LibreHealth EHR
    During the previous Google Summer of Code, a successor to PostNuke Calendar, which was the earlier basis for EHR’s Calendar system, was deployed. The...
  • Anirudh Singh
    Integrate an open source Laboratory Information Management System
    The integration of a LIMS has quite a number of weighted benefits for the community that is making use of the EHR. The management of laboratory...
  • 2208Abhinav
    Make a module that will handle all the PDF generation requirements of the software autonomously.
    Currently the software uses a lot of exteranal libraries like HTML2PDF, MPDF, FPDF and TCPDF. My aim for the project is to make a custom PHP library...
  • Mua Ndzo Laurent
    Setup Improvement for LibreHealth EHR
    This proposal is creating a dynamic friendly user interface that will install the Librehealth in any environment of your choice. This is greatly...
    Updater for LibreHealth EHR
    The project focus to develop a updater module for Libre Health EHR by using github API.It uses github API to retrieve changed files,download those...
  • Parvati
    Web Components using FHIR Resources
    LibreHealth EHR is an open source, clinically focused EHR which was designed for easy use and customizable for variety of settings. LibreHealth is a...