Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

Neovim is a refactor of the Vim text editor engineered to encourage new features, advanced UIs, and powerful extensions.


Provide a flexible, extensible Vim with a first-class, fast scripting alternative (lua/luajit)
Provide a consistent user experience across platforms
Maintain feature parity with Vim
Continue the Vim tradition of backwards compatibility, with few exceptions
Keep the core small and fast
Target all platforms supported by libuv
Delegate to plugins, but preserve the utility of the editor core
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  • lua
  • c
  • vim
  • javascript
  • python


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Neovim 2018 Projects

  • Utkarsh Maheshwari
    Improve UI protocol/API to facilitate consistent GUIs in embedding applications
    This project aims to improve the existing UI protocol to let other applications embed Neovim instances to provide "vim mode" like features. The...
  • Brock Mammen
    Neovim .NET API Client and Visual Studio Extension
    The Neovim text editor offers a comprehensive API that allows its functionality to be extended by plugins and integrated into other applications. The...