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Rocket.Chat is one of the largest active open source (permissive MIT source license) nodeJS communications platform communities on GitHub, featuring 600+ global community contributors (across projects) from 30+ countries, 15780+ GitHub stars, 3300 forks, 140+ total releases and 6,200+ issues since inception in 2015.

In a world where communication platforms are almost all totally proprietary, privacy-infringing, and centralized (Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, and so on). Rocket.Chat is a breath of fresh air empowering groups around the world to experience a self-hosted, private, distributed and unrestricted communications platform.

Our server is written in NodeJS (server side JavaScript) and utilizes websocket connections to enable real-time interactive rich communications between a variety of clients – including web, mobile (both iOS and Android), and desktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Mobile clients are crafted in Swift, Java and Kotlin, we also have a React Native client.

The server is designed to be scalable from a family server on a Raspberry Pi 3, all the way to a cluster of servers for 10s of thousands of communicating users. Its architecture leverages a "modified Kafka’ish optimized MongoDB oplog tailing (single source of truth append-only log) mechanism" to scale across servers in a tunable yet performant manner.

Rocket.Chat has been designed to be totally extensible. REST and realtime (websocket) APIs are available to control and customize various aspects of the server. Extensions can be added modularly using standard node module mechanism.

Chat bots are a popular means of extending the capabilities of Rocket.Chat. Adapters for popular bot framework, such as Hubot, are available and Rocket.Chat’s community published its own integration bots for code platforms including GitHub and Gitlab. Rocket.Chat supports the chat bot and ML, conversational bots, and voicebot communities - with adapters for new bot framework – including the bBot super-bot-framework.

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  • javascript
  • ios
  • android
  • node
  • meteor.js


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Rocket.Chat 2018 Projects

  • Samar Sunkaria
    Adding support for theming the Rocket.Chat app for iOS
    The Rocket.Chat team for iOS has been working on improving the UI, and is planning to come out with a major app re-design for version 2.3.0. One of...
  • Aniket Singh
    Android and wear app
    The v2+ of the android app of Rocket Chat is already under progress and seems to work well so far. For the summer of code'18, I intend to extend...
  • Mikael Mello
    Improve the integration of bots on Rocket.Chat
    The goal of this project is to develop a UI to monitor and manage existing bot users along with setting the foundations to create and deploy a new...
  • Semih Serhat Karakaya
    Integration of Nextcloud/ownCloud as Storage and User File Provider
    Enabling Rocket.Chat server administrator to use a NextCloud/ownCloud instance for storage of upload. Integrate NextCloud/ownCloud to Rocket.Chat and...
  • José Renan
    Rocket.Chat SDK for Javascript Clients
    Rocket.Chat has currently some Javascript clients, including Meteor and React Native. Although some of these clients have their own library to...
  • Karan Bedi
    Speech2Text Engine & Voice Recognition API Integration
    Integrate an Open Source speech to text engine to be used inside Rocket.Chat by users who prefer an On-Premise full-featured installation. There are...
  • Nikhil Kaushik
    Storage integration with Google Drive and/or Dropbox
    Integration with Google cloud storage is a long requested feature in Rocket.Chat. This project aims to integrate Google Drive and Dropbox storage...