The 3D Toolkit provides algorithms and methods to process 3D point clouds

The 3D Toolkit is a collection of programs that allow working with 3D point cloud data. The tools include a powerful and efficient 3D point cloud viewer called "show" which is able to open point clouds containing millions of points even on older graphics cards while still providing high frame rates. It provides bindings for ROS, the Robotic Operating System and for Python, the programming language. Most of the functionality of 3DTK is provided in the form of "tools", hence the name which are executed on the command line. These tools are able to carry out operations like simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), plane detection, transformations, surface normal computation, feature detection and extraction, collision detection and dynamic object removal. We support Linux, Windows and MacOS. 3DTK contains the implementation of several complex algorithms like multiple SLAM and ICP implementations as well as several data structures like k-d trees, octrees, sphere quadtrees and voxel grids. The software is home of the implementation of algorithms from several high impact research papers. While the Point Cloud Library (PCL) might be dead, 3DTK is alive and actively maintained by an international team of skilled researchers from all over the world, ranging from Europe to China. Know-how from 3DTK influenced several businesses from car manufacturers to mineral excavation or archaeological projects.

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  • c/c++
  • cmake
  • opencv
  • ros
  • boost


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3DTK 2018 Projects

  • Ichiho Ojima
    Replacing the glui GUI with a Qt5 GUI
    3DTK provides a program to visualize point clouds called “show”. GUI of “show” is written by glui framework now, but glui framework is old and...
  • Xia Sun
    Surface Reconstruction Tool for 3DTK
    A Poisson surface reconstruction tool for 3DTK, to reconstruct mesh surface from point clouds with or without normals. Major functions include normal...