Open hardware and software for physical computing is an open source community of experienced hackers, hobbyists and engineers who are enthusiastic about building powerful, open ARM-based systems completely programmable through your web browser.’s vision is to improve access to small, low-power computing platforms that can be embedded into new creations using easy to use development tools, such as its self-hosted, web-based IDE. The hardware designs of all Beagle boards are open source with all schematics, bills-of-materials, layouts, etc. shared for building other devices. The software is also open source and is generated by the community. Compiler tools are free and the boards are available at a low cost.

Boards will be provided for free to any student participating in a GSoC project.

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  • linux
  • gcc
  • real-time
  • physical computing
  • iot


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  • Ravi Kumar Prasad
    Integrate node-beagle-boot to Etcher and add features like U-boot console on boot up, TCT/IP proxy server, grab latest images from to...
    Fixing Bugs in BoneScript and Improve BeagleBone UI
    BoneScript is an existing Node.js library specifically optimized for the Beagle family and featuring familiar Arduino function calls, exported to the...
  • Anirban Banik
    Modern Speak and Spell using PocketBeagle
    This project is basically to rebrain the previous Speak and Spell by Texas Instruments, and generate open source code for it . This is a Linux...