SCoRe has conducted research covering various aspects of Security, Mobile & IOT.

The Sustainable Computing Research Lab (SCoRe) has conducted research covering various aspects of mobile, cloud, iot, digital forensic, information security and more. The goal of our research is to generate computing solutions through identifying low-cost methodologies and strategies that lead to sustainability​.

At present, the SCoRe Lab is at a stage of its evolution in which it has been able to secure high donor confidence as evidenced by no less than 5 simultaneous foreign funded projects underway since 2005. SCoRe Lab has been a pioneer in cooperating with Internet Society (ISOC), Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida)/The Department for Research Cooperation (SAREC), The Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (Spider) and Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) in the area of computer science by establishing several interesting ICT research projects. These projects are considered to be the benchmarks of such projects in the World.

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  • android
  • java
  • go
  • node
  • pyth


  • Web
  • iot
  • web
  • mobile
  • machine learning
  • security
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Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe) 2018 Projects

  • Rajendra Kadam
    Azure Support with new Architecture implementation
    Project Rewrite core node cloud architecture and add Azure Provider Support. Previous contributions Fixed issues and added new features to NodeCloud,...
  • vivonk
    Bassa - Implement a mechanism to download files from local server
    Bassa is an automated download queue for enterprises use. If a software can download all your files in the background without keeping it open then...
  • Gayashan Bombuwala
    Bassa - Mobile App
    Bassa is automated download queue for the enterprise to take the best use of their internet bandwidth. It is capable of avoiding redundant downloads...
  • Sajitha Liyanage
    ChainKeeper is a web application to explore and analyze block-chain data for users. This proposal consists of technical details and implementation...
  • Lakindu Gunasekara
    CLocal Azure
    An emulation engine for Azure services to try out in local environment
  • CLocal gcp will be a tool which can be used to test Google cloud products locally before running them in the actual cloud platform. And later...
  • Dinith Minura
    Common app template to Go Social - React Native
    Community of today used to use mobile phones to make their life easier and Community based mobile applications are famous among them. There are...
  • Janagan Siva
    Drola - Backend with Realtime Database
    Redesign and Implement the DroLa system as a real time database based system instead of WebSocket based system. Introduced bi-directional end-to-end...
  • Umesh Jayasinghe
    EtherBeat - Optimize block extracting mechanism in EtherBeat
    Ethereum is an opensource and public blockchain based distributed platform. Main feature of it which differs from other platforms is “Smart Contract”...
  • Pratik Dhanave
    Extending GoCloud provider support for ali cloud, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack
    gocloud is a standard library for Go that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud providers. The gocloud package is designed to make it easy...
  • Kesh101
    ImageLab is an image analyzing platform. Users can load large set of images to ImageLab and then they can perform analyzes by labeling and clustering...
  • OddCN
    Implement Ali cloud Provider support and Rackspace Provider support for GoCloud
    Project Description GoCloud is a golang library which hides differences between different cloud providers' APIs and allows you to manage different...
  • Kavinda Jayakody
    OpenDF - Implement the frontend using ReactJS
    The project is to rewrite the frontend of OpenDF with ReactJS and Redux. Some UI Components have been done and others will complete through the...
  • A ground-up implementation of a toolkit to extract, analyze and visualize interactions in multiple social networks
  • Sumedhe Dissanayake
    SenZ Switch
    SenZ Switch is a high-speed message passing system which can be used to do the communicating between IoT devices. After connecting the devices to the...
  • Piyush Singhal
    SoundCom is an mobile application which can transmit data through sound waves.
  • Nandun Bandara
    Stackle - Frontend Functionality and User Interface Improvements
    Being a web communication portal for Open Source organizations to discuss about their GitHub projects and their issues, Stackle provides the...
  • Shivam Arora
    Stackle-Structure Routes
    Project: Stackle is a web communication portal aimed at providing Open Source organizations a platform to have discussions on their GitHub projects...