The Ruby programming language, libraries, and tools

The Ruby organization hosts mentors and students working on the main (MRI) Ruby interpereter, the RubyGems and Bundler package management libraries, the webapp that hosts all public Ruby packages, as well as other popular Ruby libraries.

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Ruby 2018 Projects

  • Qiu Chaofan
    Add multi-factor authentication to Rubygems.
    Currently gem command line tool and does not support any OTP authentication other than original email and password. This project tries...
  • Shlok Srivastava
    Add security vulnerability notifications in rubygems
    This proposes the feature to generate security vulnerability notifications by gem authors for a specific gem version which have security issues....
  • nicholaslyang
    Adding Type Annotations to Ruby Syntax
    I would like to add type annotations to Ruby, per the ideas list. These annotations will serve as documentation and hopefully a way to implement...
  • Yimin Zhao
    Apply for the project of Ruby huge memory machine
    Currently, several problems are known when Ruby program runs under a high memory workload, including slow rates for allocating memory and program...
  • Agrim Mittal
    Integrate functionality from bun
    Having gone through bun and playing around with it, I found it to be a great tool for quick editing of Gemfiles. I would be integrating it into...