The premier python-based open source CMS

Plone is a CMS that based on Python and uses an object-based storage (ZODB). It comes with enterprise-ready features and has a strong emphasis on workflow and security. It is also a fully open source (GPL2) project, with no single company driving it, but a whole ecosystem of smaller firms and independent developers around the world.

Plone is suitable for a wide variety of entities, from the largest of corporations and government agencies with very high security requirements and universities with tens of thousands of users to small nonprofit organizations and businesses.

In the 17 years since its first release, Plone has evolved into a mature solution, with emphasis on code quality and tests. But Plone is also forward-looking. Over the last years the front-end has received a complete overhaul to use more modern javascript techniques. Theming is cleanly implemented using just HTML/CSS and an XML ruleset. Development of a complete RESTful API has allowed the creation of completely uncoupled front-end applications using the latest of JavaScript technologies.

Plone is a community-oriented organization. Members of the Plone community may be found across the globe. They are usually friendly, and possess a deep knowledge of all issues of Content Management. Rights to the intellectual property of Plone are owned by the Plone Foundation, a registered nonprofit Foundation that exists to promote and protect Plone.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • html
  • css
  • reactjs


  • Web
  • communications
  • collaboration
  • content management
  • web
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Plone 2018 Projects

  • Kumar Akshay
    Command Line Plone Tools
    This project is about improving plonecli and bobtemplates by adding several sub-templates like view, viewlet and portlets etc as well as improving...
  • Nilesh Gulia
    Create-React-App for Plone-React
    Create-React-App provides some convenience features, such as: a live development environment, boilerplate code, and standard dependencies...
  • Ajay NS
    GatsbyJS Integration with Plone
    Gatsby is a blazing fast static site generator for React. The idea is to develop a gatsby-source plugin that pulls the whole content tree from the...
  • Shriyanshagro
    IFTTT plugin for Plone
    At present, Plone have content rules to accomplish use-cases(provided by IFTTT) but with additionally written scripts. So the soul spirit behind this...