Creating and distributing free geographic data for the world.

OpenStreetMap is a project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. The data is collected by volunteers around the globe largely from scratch and released with an open-content license. We allow free access to our map images and all of its underlying map data. We aim to promote new and interesting uses of our data which makes the project's uses, and the possible Google Summer of Code projects, very diverse.

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  • postgis
  • java
  • ruby
  • javascript
  • c/c++


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OpenStreetMap 2018 Projects

  • Thomas Hervey
    Adding Notes to iD Editor
    Notes help users and editors understand what needs to be fixed. Adding notes to the iD editor allows editors to see descriptions of issues for an...
  • Biswesh Mohapatra
    Continued development of Public Transport Assistant
    The project proposes to make the Public Transport Assistant more reliable, work properly with all forms of transport and help assist a mapper in a...
  • Florian Schäfer
    Extend wikipedia plugin for JOSM, especially with regard to wikidata
    Adds extended validation for wikidata/wikipedia tags, all integrated with the standard JOSM validator. The plugin will show the main information that...
  • Princi Vershwal
    iD Editor : Support for vector tile data
    iD currently uses publicly available reference data when editing OpenStreetMap. This data is often in the form of raster tiles (aerial imagery...
  • Anusha Singh
    OSM Public Transport Editor-2nd Part
    I plan to enhance the public transport web editor developed by David Kocich in GSoC’17. The proposed project will add more editing functionality and...