Design, remix, and share your neighborhood street, all in your browser.

Streetmix is a fun and friendly way to play with streets. City planners and local bike/pedestrian advocates are some of the people who use Streetmix to quickly create new ideas and proposals for real street improvements. We're used by the New York City Department of Transportation, Transport for London, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority, and professionals like walkability consultant Jeff Speck and transportation planning firms such as Nelson\Nygaard, Kimley-Horn and more.

But first and foremost, we designed Streetmix to demystify this process and make it accessible for all, and that is why local residents, working to improve streets in their own neighborhoods, have used Streetmix for their own advocacy and communication work.

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  • javascript
  • react
  • redux
  • postgresql
  • mongodb


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Streetmix 2018 Projects

  • Oluwaseun
    Porting MongoDB to PostgreSQL and Authenticating Users via Email, Facebook and Google.
    Porting the database from Mongodb to Postgres to ensure data integrity. Authenticating users via Facebook, Google and Email using passwordless...