Open Source License Compliance by Open Source Software

FOSSology is an industry standard tool for the end-to-end analysis of software distributions. It lets organizations scan source code for: a) License information, b) Copyright notices, c) Export control relevant statements. It makes software analysis more efficient by offering high precision with few false positives, greatly reducing overhead costs.

FOSSology is a framework, toolbox and Web server application for examining software packages in a multi-user environment. A user can upload individual files or entire software packages. Fossology will unpack this upload if necessary and run a chosen set of agents on every file of the upload. An agent can implement any analysis operation on a text file. The FOSSology package as of now focuses on license relevant data. However, it could be extended with analyses for different purposes (e.g. static code analysis).

FOSSology lets users generate licensing documentation according to the organization's needs, in a variety of data formats, emphasizing SPDX tag-value and RDF documents. FOSSology is an Open Source Software tool licensed under GPL-2.0 and a Linux Foundation collaboration project.

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FOSSology 2018 Projects

  • amanjain5221
    New/ Improved License Scanner
    Software License compliance is very important for any business/ OSS(open source software) nowadays which creates a need for more accurate license...