An open source instant messaging client and ecosystem based on Jabber & XMPP

After four years of development the Android Jabber/XMPP client is mostly feature complete for now. However an instant messaging client in a federated ecosystem like Jabber is only as good as the rest of the ecosystem. The ecosystem needs good desktop clients, it needs good servers and good providers who maintain their servers and keep them up to date with the latest features. as an umbrella organization is about bringing improvements to that ecosystem. Partially by improving existing clients and servers but also by creating tools that aid server administrators to maintain their servers and that aid end users to pick a good, stable provider. Those tools include the XMPP Compliance Tester or the XMPP uptime monitor. We have a collection of ideas that we think will improve the end user experience, but we are also very open to hearing other ideas that we didn’t think of ourself. Have you always thought about creating a service that will look up phone numbers and return Jabber IDs or otherwise improve the discoverable of contacts? Great. Let us hear your ideas and we might be able to find a suitable mentor for you. Want to add a new feature to an existing client? Great we will put you in touch with the appropriate mentors. Want to start developing your own client? Probably not a very good idea since every platform already has a client that awaits your help.

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  • java
  • android
  • xmpp
  • gtk
  • javascript


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  • sdhand
    Improving OMEMO support in dino: Blind trust before verification and encrypted groupchats
    Dino currently has limited support for the OMEMO end-to-end encryption protocol. It supports one-on-one chats, but lacks a system to manage trust and...
  • Paul Moritz Schaub
    OpenPGP (OX) for Smack
    This is my proposal to create an implementation of OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging (OX) for the XMPP client library Smack.
  • Rishi Raj
    XMPP Compliance Tester
    Currently Compliance Tester is a command line tool to check compliance status of an XMPP server. Testing servers for compliance with XMPP extensions...