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We believe that knowledge should be free for every human being. We prioritize efforts that empower disadvantaged and underrepresented communities, and that help overcome barriers to participation. We believe in mass collaboration, diversity and consensus building to achieve our goals. Wikipedia has become the fifth most-visited site in the world, used by more than 400 million people every month in more than 270 languages. We have other content projects including Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and the most recent one, Wikivoyage. We also maintain the MediaWiki engine and a wide collection of open source software projects around it. But there is much more we can do: stabilize infrastructure, increase participation, improve quality, increase reach, encourage innovation. You can help to these goals in many ways.

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Wikimedia Foundation 2018 Projects

  • Megha Sharma
    [#1Lib1Ref] Build a "worklist" tool for campaigns and in-person editing events
    In this project, a tool will be developed that will basically enable people to collaborate during campaigns and in-person editing events. It'll act...
  • Sahil Khokhar
    [Analytics] Improvements to Wikistats 2.0 front-end
    Wikistats is the public statistics website of the Wikimedia Foundation. Its main purpose is to add context and motivate our editor community by...
  • Perside Rosalie
    [GSoC proposal 2018] Emoji Twitter bot for Commons images from NYPL fork
    Wikimedia Commons is a Wikimedia Foundation project and an online repository of images videos and other media files. A Twitter bot is a type of bot...
  • Ujjwal Agrawal
    [Wikimedia Commons app] Allow users to browse Commons from app
    About the project This project is aimed at providing an option to browse/search the Wikimedia Commons using the app. Why this feature is needed? ...
  • Yashdeep Thorat
    Add a spreadsheet interface for modifying multiple pages to the Page Forms extension
    The Page Forms extension for MediaWiki is currently used to create and edit pages using an interface made up of forms that simplify the process. The...
  • Hagar Shilo
    Adding 'User' search filters to the existing filter menu
    The User filter’s purpose is to display edits made by particular users. It will be added to the main filter panel. Desired features include the...
  • Tanvi Dadu
    Feedback on how pictures uploaded to Commons get used: statistics, barnstars, light gamification
    This project will be executed in two phases. First phase is sharing feedback about uploaded photos in the form of number of images used in...
  • Prssanna Desai
    Improve Data Explorer on
    The Wikidata Query Service allows users to run complex queries and ask intricate questions to Wikidata, a free, open and vast knowledge base. My...
  • Nikhil-nk
    Improve the Cargo Special:Drilldown page
    The Cargo extension's Special:Drilldown page shows a listing of each table, its contents, and a set of filters, for all the data in a wiki stored via...
  • Neha Jha
    Improvements for the Toolforge 'webservice' command
    This project is about improving the webservice command used by toolforge to start and stop web services. It involves solving bugs and adding features...
  • Karan Dhingra
    Predict relevance of search results from historical clicks using a Neural Click Model
    Click models are algorithmic approaches which help in the ​understanding relevance of documents over a given query by modeling the search queries in...
  • psinghal20
    WikiEducation Dashboard Article Finder Tool
    The Wiki Education Dashboard/ Programs & Events Dashboard is a Web Application that helps people organize groups of newcomers to contribute to...