Toolkit to manage virtualization hosts from many languages

The libvirt project provides an API for managing the capabilities of many virtualization technologies, including KVM, QEMU, LXC, Xen, VMWare ESX, Parallels, OpenVZ, VirtualBox, Hyper-V and more. It includes bindings into many programming languages.

Libvirt is a library used by many applications with very different use cases like Jenkins, OpenStack, libguestfs, Munin, oVirt, Kimchi, virt-manager or Cuckoo.

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  • hypervisor
  • kvm
  • xen
  • lxc


  • Cloud
  • virtualization
  • virtual machine
  • container
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libvirt 2018 Projects

  • Sukrit Bhatnagar
    Automatic freeing of resources
    Writing cleanup code for every variable in large-scale open-source projects makes the code difficult to comprehend. The cleanup tasks like releasing...
  • Clem
    Introduce Libiscsi pool
    Currently there is an iSCSI storage pool in libvirt. However, all the management communication is done by spawning iscsiadm binary. The aim of this...