Stemformatics is a web-based pocket dictionary for stem cell scientists.

Stemformatics works at the intersection of web-based data visualisation, big data and bioinformatics.

Stemformatics pipelines compress big data to make it easier for the web-based data visualisations to be processed. These web-based data visualisations are engineered for speed to make the end user experience as smooth as possible.

Stemformatics always ensures that each student gets a great learning experience tailored to their ability, interest and experience. We are committed to help mould students into software engineers where technical ability is just one of the skills needed for success.

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  • python
  • javascript
  • postgresql


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Stemformatics 2018 Projects

  • Dmitry Volynkin
    Integrating ISCANDAR
    Stemformatics is a web project for stem cell scientists and have a standalone tool ISCANDAR. it designed for bioinformaticians to create an...
  • Glenn Fernandes
    Ontology Integration
    Stemformatics is an online portal which enables stem cell biologists to visualize and analyze datasets quickly and easily. The primary goal of the...