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Developers Italia is a community dedicated to the development of Open Source Software, created to support Italian digital public services.

It is a radical change in the way the Public Administration operates. Everything we are doing is operating with open standards and software, we are creating SDKs for the main programming languages and frameworks, we craft publicly documented APIs. We contribute to open projects, and the people we contract to improve the technology become Open Source developers.

Most of the code is deployed within the Italian public institutions, but it is meant to be generic, in the hope that it will be useful to many other people around the world. Around these tools we are engaging a community of developers and innovators, inside and outside Italy, that can participate in all aspects of the creation of the new digital infrastructure.

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  • python
  • ruby
  • node.js
  • java
  • c/c++


  • Other
  • government
  • open data
  • identity
  • data-science
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Developers Italia 2018 Projects

  • Costantino Carugno
    Italian Team Digitale is building the first “operating system” of a country. One of the technologies that it has implemented is the Data & Analytics...
  • Lorenzo Soligo
    Refreshing DAF & easing developers’ life
    As the proposal says, “DAF [...] is not the most developer-friendly environment to set-up”. As a young developer, I deem DAF’s complex structure...