An online feedback management system for education

TEAMMATES is an award winning online feedback management system for education, used by over 200k users. It is a free Java EE SaaS application that runs on the Google App Engine. TEAMMATES won the grand prize at the OSS World Challenge 2014 and took part in GSoCs 2014-17 as a mentoring organization.

One of the main aims of TEAMMATES (the project) is to train students in contributing to non-trivial OSS productions system. TEAMMATES has received contributions of 300+ student developers and have done more than 200 releases over a six year period.

Because TEAMMATES (the product) is a software for students by students, students can relate to the problem domain better. The scale of the system is big enough (~125 KLoC) without being overwhelmingly big.

The TEAMMATES project is based in the School of Computing, National University of Singapore. Product website:

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  • java
  • appengine
  • javascript


  • Web
  • education
  • teaching
  • cloud
  • web applications
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TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore 2018 Projects

  • Nidhi Gupta
    Comments for Responses
    The project enhances the current implementation of the comment feature. Features to consider: Ability for respondents to add comments for their own...
  • Sun Shengran
    Coverage Boost (Java) & Recycle Bin
    This is a TEAMMATES project proposal designing solutions for increasing the coverage of Java code and implementing Recycle Bin feature. The detailed...
  • Shradheya Thakre
    Coverage Boost - Java & JavaScript
    This project aims to improve the testing and coverage of TEAMMATES Overview of Project: Reduce Technical Debt (Upgrade to Selenium 3.x) Explore new...
  • Sukanta Roy
    My project concentrates on adding more features to existing question types. These features are: Add weight feature for MCQ questions Add weight...
  • Mudit Gupta
    Usability Hero
    The aim of the project is to improve the usability aspect of TEAMMATES. In particular, tweak the UIs to prevent regular users being overwhelmed with...