Helping women find their potential in code. You are not alone.


Systers is a community for all women involved in the technical aspects of computing. We have over 7,000 members from more than 65 countries around the world. We welcome the participation of women technologists of all ages at any stage of their studies or careers.


Peace Corps

  • PC Hub, a site to discuss improvements/features to all Peace Corps projects. PC officials can log in and direct open source contributors on what to improve on an individual project. It can also be used to discuss new applications needed for Peace Corps Volunteers (to assist their service work).
  • PC Prep Kit, a site to teach about Malaria. Gamified Education. After using this to "onboard" PC Volunteers about Malaria, then they will use the Mobile App to keep track of medicine/trips during their service.
  • Photo Language Translation (PLT), an application to assist Peace Corps Volunteers by translation Chuukese into English with picture association. It helps teach Chuukese people the English language as well as preserve Chuukese in a written form.


  • Mailman3, an email list to help groups share ideas, support, and collaborate on projects. Systers is upgrading to Mailman3 and we need customized features. We have 28 email lists.
  • PowerUp, founded by a Syster, is a choose-your-own-adventure game that is designed to be inclusive and teaches young girls (ages 11-14) awareness about real-life scenarios.
  • Portal, a site that brings Systers and Local Communities together, offering both in-person and online events for our global women technologists.
  • Volunteer Management System (VMS), helps keep a record of Systers volunteers so that we can utilize volunteer grants where companies match the number of hours an employee volunteers.

Systers Open Source

  • Infrastructure, technology advances daily and we're slow to keep up. We need updates on apps.
  • GitHub Pages, we have 3 pages that need updates. Our Main and Celebration are informational pages. Slack pages need an onboarding component.
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  • ios
  • android
  • python
  • ruby on rails
  • javascript


  • Other
  • mobile applications
  • web apps
  • community
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Systers Community 2018 Projects

  • Anumeha Agrawal
    GH Pages for Systers
    In this project I aim to design and develop the main , celebrations and the slack inviter web pages. I will use Bootstrap to develop the...
  • Baani Leen Kaur Jolly
    Github Pages
    Develop a MEAN(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) Stack Systers Open Source Website which acts as an interface to help introduce people to the...
  • Monal Shadi
    Infrastructure and Automation of Web projects in Python.
    Integrate coverage checks on automated builds. Enhance coverage for Systers' Portal, Systers' VMS, Postorius. Get the automated builds up and green....
  • Anamika Tripathi
    Aim is to follow Model-View-Presenter architecture, improve Android performance, improve database access, shift the project to follow ROOM Library...
  • Isabel Costa
    Mentorship System
    New Android Application that allows women from the Systers community to mentor other women during a period of time. This can help new women getting...
  • Cady
    Out-of-Character Contextual Information for PowerUp!
    PowerUp! has huge potential to impact the lives of many young ladies. As an adult, it’s pretty easy to go through the game's choices and pick the...
  • Mayank Lunayach
    PC Prep Kit
    An app that teaches tactics for prevention of Malaria to Peace Corps volunteers before they go for remote missions. This would be achieved using...
  • Rimjhim Bhadani
    PowerUp is a project specially designed to impart knowledge to pre-adolescents about reproductive health, personal hygiene, STDs and common hormonal...
  • Abhijit Kumar
    Proposal for Systers Portal
    The Systers Portal is a platform for Systers communities to post and share information within and with other communities. It includes features like...
  • A Slack integrated Github automation bot for handling and checking Github workflow.
  • Anjali Dhanuka
    Volunteer Management System(VMS)
    The Volunteer Management System (VMS) is a portal useful for volunteer coordinators and volunteers in tracking hours, and reporting.